And Tango Makes Three and King & King

1 05 2008

And Tango Makes Three

By Justin Richardson, Peter Pamell and Henry Cole


This delightful children’s book tells the story of two male penguins at the New York City Central Park Zoo. The two penguins, Roy and Silo, liked being together and doing everything that all the other penguins liked to do together. Then Roy and Silo start to notice that all the other penguins are building nests and tending to there egg, wanting to be like the other penguins Roy and Silo take a rock and start to treat it as their egg. Then their keeper notices there behavior and gives them an egg of their own, which hatches and Tango is born. Roy and Silo then raise Tango as normal penguins; it’s just that Tango has two Dads’ instead of one.

King & King

By Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland


A Queen grows restless at her lazy son and wants him to find a princess to marry. The price tells his mother that he doesn’t care much for princesses. Any way his mother sends out inviting all the princesses in the land, but once the prince is introduced to all of them he finds something wrong with them so that he won’t have to marry them. But when the last princess comes she brings her brother and that when the Prince says “What a wonderful prince!” Then the two princes get married and rule the kingdom as the first King and King.


I think these books are cute and written in such a way that you can’t help but like it. Whether it was with the vibrant colors and hand drawn and cut out picture or with the cuteness of penguins they are presenting a topic that is touchy in most cases with a simple ease that turns something complicated into things that a four to eight could understand. It introduces the concept of having two moms or dads in a way that allows for children to understand and not be confused about it. It mixes real life situations with things that every child likes and adults find alluring to draw them effortlessly

Why are these books “dangerous?”:

These books are challenged not banned. The challenge came from the fact that it involves homosexuality; it’s anti-family and unsuited for the target age group. Though most often it was challenged on the basis fro the perceived references to homosexuality.




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