In the Night Kitchen

1 05 2008

In the Night Kitchen

By Maurice Sendak


A boy named Mickey is awakened by some noises downstairs while trying to get some sleep. When Mickey goes to investigate he stumbles on the night kitchen and finds the chefs there that are trying to make some cake. He then goes on a journey through the town to find the milk that the chefs were talking about. He takes the milk to the chefs and they bake him into a cake that turns into an airplane that takes him away back to his home.


This book is a classic Sendak with his infamous illustrations. While reading the book you don’t even notice the things that would have made it controversial. The way the book flows you don’t notice he’s naked unless you know that is what the controversy is about. Then there is just a cuteness to it that lends itself to being a great children’s novel.

Why is this book “dangerous?”:

This book was considered dangerous because of the nudity that is oblivious throughout the novel. Thought the Sendak didn’t not intend on this book as controversial as it was, he just didn’t want to deal with the issue of him have clothes on in the batter.  There was the censorship being applied and having the librarians mark out the privates that have been exposed.  There are also concerns about the fact that Mickey is playing milk which could be bodily fluids.




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